Clients and experience
Since 2005 we plan, design, coordinate, and maintain our infrastructure as an internet and data services provider, which provides customers access to the Latvian and international internet, giving customers real IP address and access to LIX (Latvian Internet traffic exchange point). During the years we have built our infrastructure in a number of Latvian regions with many base stations, broadcast stations and cable networks.
SIA „Stream Networks”
SIA "GP Systems" provides for SIA "Stream Networks" transmission antennas, RRL, LAN and optical network planning, coordination of the design and installation works (buildings, water towers, Latvenergo towers and IM towers). We provide data transmission network maintenance and troubleshooting throughout the Latvian territory within 4 hours.
SIA „Latvijas Mobilais Telefons”
SIA "GP Systems" provides for SIA "Latvian Mobile Telephone" new low base station and tower construction, which includes site search, planning, coordination, as well as electricity and road construction to the tower. We also reconstructing the existing network to 3G and 4G networks, as well as perform the configuration, start-up operation, adjustments and network hardware measurements.
SIA "GP Systems" provides for "Tele 2" new base station construction, as well as the reconstruction of existing 3G and 4G network stations.
Grand Palace Hotel Riga
Wi-Fi and wired (LAN) network design and construction throughout the site, as well as providing network maintenance and troubleshooting.
SIA „Bite Latvija”
In collaboration with SIA "NT Service" we have performed 3G base station installation and RRL line reconstruction for SIA "Bite Latvia", as well as configured installed equipment and performed network hardware measurements.
SIA „Telecentrs”
 Data transmission antenna, RRL, LAN and optical network planning, coordination and installation works (buildings, water towers, steeples Latvenergo, Tele 2 and IM towers), as well as data transmission network troubleshooting.
CIS „Trešais tēva dēls”
 SIA "GP Systems" in cooperation with SIA "Telecentrs" participated in the project KIS „Trešais tēva dēls” implementation in Latvia - RRL and radio data transmission network planning, coordination and installation.
Gatartas nursing home
 SIA "GP Systems" installed nurse call systems by all Gatartas nursing home beds with maintenance and troubleshooting.
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